Web Design Scholarship 2019

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Web Design Scholarship Summary

2018 is the second year Websauce Studio is offering the Web Design Scholarship. The purpose is to see how the next generation views the shift to a mobile first world and how web designers will need to adapt their design and user experience to smaller screens and different expectations from users.

A 250-word minimum essay is required outlining how web design must adapt to a mobile world, an example of a website that works well on mobile, and an explanation of why it’s a good mobile experience.

Scholarship Award: One student will be awarded $500

Award Date: December 31, 2018

Enrollment: Open to students enrolled in an undergraduate program by December 11, 2018, at any accredited U.S. college or university.


  1. Applicant’s name, address, phone number
  2. College or university of attendance in December 2018
  3. Degree being pursued
  4. A 250-word minimum essay of how web design must adapt to a mobile world. Provide an example of a website that works well on mobile and why it’s a good mobile experience.
  5. There are no other requirements including GPA requirements

Where to Apply: Email your application attached as a word document to scholarship@websaucestudio.com.

How will the winner be chosen?

Each essay will be read by our Creative Director, Adam Weil, and Marketing Director Andrew Peluso. The winner will be chosen based on how well thought through the reasoning provided for your arguments are. Your logic may be based on data, culture, anecdotal evidence, or any other means of reasoning you see fit.

Application Submission Deadline: December 11, 2018

Our Address:

Websauce Studio
2100 K St #1
Sacramento, CA 95817

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