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Know that you need a new website and marketing campaign but don't know where to start? You're in the right place.


And it usually stops there as well. But you're not usual. You've actually chosen to turn that idea into something real. Congrats. Now for the fun (and sometimes not so fun) part.

The execution.

Turning an idea into a living breathing organization is no small feat. Here's how we can help.


In our experience, most clients have an idea of what they want but don’t actually know what they need to achieve the goals of their organization.

In order to build a foundation and formulate a plan around the idea, we start with a Discovery Phase.


A few pages from a client's Discovery Document

The entire purpose of our deep dive discovery process is to make sure the project plan will serve the goals of the organization, be it aligning the branding with your organization's culture, increasing revenue, donations, email signups, or creating efficiencies that save you time.

Whatever it may be, we want your entire investment in the final project to be well utilized so you can see a return. With the Discovery Phase we remove the risk for both parties. We both get the benefit of seeing how the relationship works on a small scale rather than blindly entering into a 100+ hour investment and hoping it works.

I would relate it to seeking advice from a doctor or hiring an architect to draw up plans for building (then have the building built as a separate project). You wouldn’t walk into a doctor’s office and tell him what you need without letting him or her run some tests, assess your situation and make a professional recommendation, right?

We’re professionals as well, so think of this as a similar relationship (a little less invasive though!).

Bottomline, there is no way we can give you a truly accurate quote (on time or price) without knowing the full scope of the project. You’ll exit the discovery process with a plan and pricing that we or anyone else can execute. Plus, if you chose for us to include a homepage design mockup, you will see how the uncovering of your branding and business goals translate into the design itself.


Whether you simply need a website or your project requires a robust web application, we provide the design and development for both.

Reach out today and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have or get the process started.

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